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About Minar Portal

nowadays because of bad situation in world marketing most of producers and manufactures don't have any attention to get new markets for their products. so demanding for some companies that knows the markets and can supply the manufactures products with less risk made Minar Co to work on this section, so ...

Minar trading company for cooperation

Plastic sheet Industry

Minar Trading Co made every endeavor to find useful and new products and plastic sheets is one of them. We are able to provide you this product with high quality in all industrial areas like advertising, packaging, agricultural and so on

Plastic sheets

Fatty acid (oil) of soybean&Crude Sunflower

Fatty acid (oil) of Soybean and crude Sunflower oil are one of the important products at livestock and poultry industries that gains from distillation of vegetable seeds such as soybean, sunflower bean, cotton-seeds and etc; We are able to send you these with high quality and suitable prices

 oil of Soybean and sunflower bean

Manufacture of Chemical materials

Minar Co is able to produce more than 180 different mineral and industrial chemical materials with high quality; We are able to work with you in any quantity and qualities...

Mineral and industrial chemical matterials
Chemical materials

Producer of lab and industrial chemical materials

Jun 25, 2013     Akbarzadeh

Minar co. after enormous attempts finally succeeded to collect chemical products manufactures at Minar Groups, so we are now able to produce more than 180 different lab, industrial or mineral chemical materials with variety of qualities. nice packaging and able to send all around the world.

Soybean and sunflower oil

Fatty acid - soybean and sunflower oil has been added at Minar Groups

Jun 5, 2013     Ahmadi

on Jun 2, 2013 Minar groups get the authority of Soybean and sunflower oil trading and now we are able to sell the best quality of crude oil of Soybean and sunflower about 2000 tons per month. These oils are very suitable for Livestock and Poultry. For more information please visit details button.

Plastic Sheets

Plastic Sheet industry

Oct 2, 2010     Akbarzadeh

Minar industrial group is able to work with you in all areas of Plastic sheets industry with high quality and very suitable prices. Plastic sheets can be used in most of industrial areas such as advertising, packaging, constructional, agriculture, automotive and many others.

Minar trading Co.

Reason of founding minar?

Sep 27, 2010     Akbarzadeh

Nowadays considering present situation of world and Iran market, most of manufactures because of various reasons are not able to evaluate the target markets, so they are fearful that penetrating into new markets, will cause failure. so the companies that have done comprehensive research on target markets, can supply and distribute the goods and products in the suitable and exact targets, we believe that this make progress and prosperity.