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Carton Plast - Plastic sheets industry

Oct 2, 2010
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Plastic sheets manufactured from polypropylene ( by extrusion method which includes two external flat sheets (film) connected to narrow vertical plates (flute) to each other.) which are indissoluble in environments, recyclable and reusable in this industry and these sheets can be produced in a variety of thicknesses from 2 - 12 mm.

Due to the physical strength, high chemical resistance and thermal variation range between -20 to +80, this product is mainly used in packing , advertisement, agriculture, building and chemical industries.

Production Departments

1) Zund Printer

     This printer is capable of printing on different kinds of surfaces such as stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic and so on… It is used for constructing and delivering various printing designs to costumers.

2) Thieme Printer

     This printer is capable of printing single color plans in high print run, high desired rate (1200 sheets per hour) and best quality. Its dimensions are 215*165 cm.

3) G.rebolini die cast

     The fully automatic Rabolini apparatus is capable of 4000 dyke sheets per hour. It can also dyke various kinds of Propylene and P.V.C sheets.

4) Grinder apparatus

     This machine is used for grinding additional and rubbish sheets.

5) Granule making apparatus.

     It is used for recycling fins and transforming to Granule.

6) Extruder apparatus

     It is used for melting and compounding the Granule of PP raw materials.

other subjects

Plastic sheets features

Plastic sheets are completely formed from raw materials (Propylene) and are confirmed by US Health Ministry. It can also be produced in different colors and models for different usages.

Industrial areas of Plastic sheets

plastic sheet due to its high strength and flexibility are used in most industries. the majority of the industries has mentioned underneath

General Information

Plastic sheets in advertising Industry

Minar's highly qualified and experienced engineers and designers After extensive market research about Plastic sheets, used in the advertising industry, has achieved considerable success. and now we are sure that Plastic sheets are one of most effective promotional tools in the world.