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Plastic sheets (Carton plast sheets) features

Oct 2, 2010
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Plastic sheets features

1) Lightness:
   The lightness of this product is one sixth of glass and one third of Acrilyc material and is suitable for constructing, decorating and so on…

Lightness of Plastic sheets

2) Different kinds of colors:
   This product can be produced in different colors.

Different colors of Plastic sheets

3) Flexibility:
   These sheets have high flexibility and can be shaped in width and length. But for preventing from folding, it is better it bows in length.

Flexibility of Plastic sheets

4) High pressure tolerance:
   Due to high weight tolerance, resistance and strength, they can be used in different packing products. This product creates a wonderful change in packing industry.

High pressure of Plastic sheets

5) Washable:
   This product is capable of washing with water and other detergents and it has any side effect on Carton plast sheets.

Washable of Plastic sheets

6) Non-poisonous:
   Any poisonous substances are used in producing this product. It had no danger on human health and can be used for packing food stuffs. Attention: It is necessary to sterilize before use in medicinal and aliment industry.

non-toxic or poisonous of Plastic sheets

7) Odorless:
   Carton Plast sheets are completely odorless and don’t absorb environmental smell and aroma.

Odorless  of Plastic sheets

8) Printable:
   The possibility of printing different models and colors are provided by silk-screen method. Its longevity makes these sheets a suitable choice for advertisement billboards and stands.

Printable of Plastic sheets

9) Easy-cutting capability:
   These sheets can be cut by a simple blade or cutting machine, like a Scissors. Even it can be connected to each other by perforator, stick, plastic welding, and so on …

Easy-cutting capability of Plastic sheets

10) Preserving initial flexibility:
   If it keeps out of direct sunshine, can completely preserve its flexibility

Initail flexibility of Plastic sheets

11) Non-inflammable:
   Instead of inflaming, these sheets melt in high temperature. So, this capability prevent from spreading fire.

Non-inflammable of Plastic sheets

12) Resistant against shock and crush:
   The resistance of these sheets is so high. It is almost 200 times more than glass and 7.5 more than Acrylic

Resistant against shock of Plastic sheets

13) Resistant against chemical products:
   These products are made from Propylene so it had more resistance against chemicals.

Resistant against chemicals of Plastic sheets

14) Heat proof:
   This product is heat proof and prevents from losing energy so; it has a lot of usages in building and constructing sectors

Heat proof of Plastic sheets

15) Humidity proof:
   These sheets are completely water and moisture proof so; they have so many usages in greenhouses, pools and so on…

Humidity proof of Plastic sheets

16) Sound insulation:
   Because of cellular structure and presence of air between it's surfaces, it can be utilized as a sound insulation.

17) Rollable:
   if Cartonplast sheet produces in lower Gr/m2, it can be rolled in order to occupy less place.

Rollable of Plastic sheets

18) Recyclable:
   This product is completely recyclable.

Recyclable of Plastic sheets

19) World standards:
   This product is completely made from standard materials which confirmed by FDA.

World standards of Plastic sheets

19) Insulator:
   It can be used for classifying products in several linear floors.

Insulator of Plastic sheets
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Plastic sheets features

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