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About Minar Portal

nowadays because of bad situation in world marketing most of producers and manufactures don't have any attention to get new markets for their products. so demanding for some companies that knows the markets and can supply the manufactures products with less risk made Minar Co to work on this section, so ...

Minar international trading company

Plastic sheet Industry

Minar Trading Co made every endeavor to find useful and new products and plastic sheets is one of them. We are able to provide you this product with high quality in all industrial areas like advertising, packaging, agricultural and so on

Plastic sheets

Fatty acid (oil) of soybean&Crude Sunflower

Fatty acid (oil) of Soybean and crude Sunflower oil are one of the important products at livestock and poultry industries that gains from distillation of vegetable seeds such as soybean, sunflower bean, cotton-seeds and etc; We are able to send you these with high quality and suitable prices

 oil of Soybean and sunflower bean

Manufacture of Chemical materials

Minar Co is able to produce more than 180 different mineral and industrial chemical materials with high quality; We are able to work with you in any quantity and qualities...

Mineral and industrial chemical matterials

working with Minar ?

marketing in all business places

This company by having experienced staff of engineers and technicians is the only company that grew it's marketing Virtually and physically at all levels ...


Why as a first Co. ?

Ready to cooperate with you

Minar is one of the first companies that is able to work with any company, manufacturers, Traders ,organizations and etc in any way such as sales agent, consulting, purchasing, finding new ...


Why Minar exists ?

Able to cooperate in all aspects

Minar Trading Co. is the only company that tries to find the variety of new goods and products with high quality and suitable prices, also able to cooperate with all agencies and manufacturers...


Minar Trading Co. as a major distributor of Domestic and foreign goods and products operates from offices in Iran and also can cooperate with any organization or trader on a sales agency , exporting or importing of goods, agricultural and industrial products and so on. one of most important points of this Co. is cutting out the middleman and supplying the goods of producers without any changes on the prices. Minar Co. is working as a B2B Co, so this make us to be as a trustable Co to work.

We are ready to cooperate with you in these sections :

  • Introducing our Partners goods and products online and offline

  • Sales agent or representative without any restrictions on the type of goods according to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Importing of goods without any restriction

  • Ready to work as a Sales representative or distributor of readiness of Iranian companies active abroad

  • Export Iranian products abroad

  • Able to supply Iranian goods for Iranian overseas supplier companies

  • Able to cooperate with other Iranian importing companies

  • Readiness to cooperate with exporters of goods to neighbor countries , especially Azerbaijan ( Baku ) , Iraq, Turkey

  • To cooperate with the Iranian willingness Arab , Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan countries

  • Ready for cooperate and supply the material of the small or big Projects and contractors

  • Ready to sell and buy your goods exclusively and manually

  • Ready to cooperate with trade or craft fairs in the country and also abroad

  • Able to cooperate with traders or organization to sell or bye ( import or export )

Minar Gunash Azerbaijan Co ( Minar ) by introducing it's services and products in online platforms in order to facilitate business communications is ready to receive any proposal or your requests for cooperation. Contact us


Last News

Aug 21 2013

make more than 180 chemical materials

after conducting negotiations with producers, now we are able to provide high quality chemical materials with suitable prices and packaging...

Aug 16 2013

Fatty acid (oil) were added to products

By the contract of 06/02/2013 Minar company can supply any request of fatty acid (oil) of soybean and Sunflower with 100% purity and suitable prices ...


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