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Manufacture of Lab and industrial chemical materials

Jul 23, 2013
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Producer of Chloride Germanium

   Minar trading co. is able to produce more than 180 different mineral and industrial chemical materials with high quality; We are able to work with you in any quantity and qualities.

   Able to produce chemicals with different packages, qualities, as your desire and send all around the world. you just need to contact us and get any information you need.

Chloride Germanium 99.95-100 %

   Manufacture of Chloride Germanium 99.95 - 100 % purity in any quantity for world consumption. for analyses click CHLORIDE GERMANIUM

producer of chloridegermanium chloride germanium 99.98 %

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Germanium tetrachloride

   tetrachloride Germanium ( GeCl4 ) is a colorless, fuming liquid with a peculiar, acidic odor. It is used as an intermediate in the production of purified germanium metal. In recent years, GeCl4 usage has increased substantially due to its use as a reagent for fiber optic production.


   Germanium tetrachloride is used almost exclusively as an intermediate for several optical processes. GeCl4 can be directly hydrolyzed to GeO2 an oxide glass with several unique properties and applications, described below

Uses : Fiber Optics

   Most notable of GeO2 is its high index of refraction and low optical dispersion, used for wide camera lens, microscopy, and for the core of fiber-optic lines. Overall, silicon tetrachloride, SiCl4 and germanium tetrachloride, GeCl4 are introduced with oxygen into a hollow glass perform, which is carefully heated to allow for oxidation of the reagents to their respective oxides and formation of a glass mixture. The GeO2 has a high index of refraction, so by varying the flow rate of germanium tetrachloride the overall index of refraction of the optical fiber can be specifically controlled. The GeO2 is about 4% by weight of the glass

Uses : Infrared

   Germanium and its glass oxide, GeO2 are transparent to the infrared spectrum. The glass can be manufactured into IR windows and lenses, used for night-vision technology in the military and luxury vehicles. GeO2 is preferred over other IR transparent glasses because it is mechanically strong and therefore preferred for rugged military usage.


   As of the year 2000, about 15% of United States consumption of germanium is used for infrared optics technology and 50% for fiber-optics. Over the past 20 years, infrared use has consistently decreased; fiber optic demand, however, is slowly increasing. There is discussion on the over-production of fiber-optic networks and that 30–50% of current lines are unused dark fiber, suggesting a future reduction in demand. Worldwide, demand is increasing dramatically as countries such as China are expanding fiber-optic based telecommunication throughout the country.

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